13 Natural ways to cure headaches

The frustrating pain that everyone has experienced at least once in their lives, and many encounter it almost daily, can be very effectively prevented and treated with natural ingredients.

It is believed that more than 80 percent of people suffer from occasional headaches, and between 15 and 20 percent of migraines. In such situations, everyone usually reaches for the medicine as the fastest and most practical solution. But medications have their own side effects, and analgesics especially disastrously affect the stomach.

Among the side effects of caffeine and other ingredients of painkillers are insomnia, even more intense headaches and addictiveness.

All this can be avoided by applying equally effective but natural methods to remove headaches.


They are also called anti-headache Elixir and is an excellent natural choice for immediate relief of head pain. Ginger helps in minimizing the pain by reducing inflammation of blood vessels which are present in the head. As it promotes digestion, it is also useful for alleviating nausea that often accompanies migraines. Brew Ginger root tea or mix ginger ale and lemon juice in equal proportions and drink. Try to drink juice or tea once or even twice a day.


Mint oil

As mint oil has a refreshing scent, it helps to release the cloggged blood vessels which are responsible for headache. Mint has the ingredient known as menthol which helps in regulating the bloodstream. In a dark, cold room inhale for some time the evaporation of this oil or mix 3 drops of mint oil with 3 drops of almond oil and this mixture massage the temple or neck.



Cinnamon is a wondrous spice when it comes to the effective treatment of headaches. Mix the cinnamon powder with a little water so that you get a thick paste, apply it to your temples and forehead, calmly lie down for half an hour and then rinse. Till then the headache will disappear.



A few simple head and neck stretching exercises can help alleviate headaches. Move your head down, left and right, and tilt to the left and then to the right shoulder. You can try and slowly rotate the neck clockwise and then in reverse direction, which also helps to relax the muscles of the shoulders and neck.


Cooling and Heating

Putting the ice coating on the back of the neck can significantly alleviate the migraine because cold reduces inflammation that contributes to the intensity of the headache, and also has an anesthetic effect. A fact which is unbelievable is that you can get fast relief from headaches if you soak your feet in warm water.



This spicy herb is an intense fragrance considered to be a natural cure for headaches. Basil oil relaxes muscles and helps to remove headaches caused by tense and cramped muscles.

You can brew and tea from a few leaves of Basil seasoned with a little honey and slowly drink it, chew fresh basil leaves or inhale with water in which you cooked basil.


Eat nuts

If you often suffer from Migraine, consider including more nuts in your menu.

They have double action: on the one hand relieve pain, and on the other hand act as a preventative means to prevent the development of headaches.

Nuts contain salycin, a substance of analgesic effect that is also in most painkillers.


Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

This vitamin is essential for the growth, production of red blood cells and the production of energy in the body, and its deficiency can cause migraines. Riboflavin has been proven to reduce the incidence and intensity of headaches, and has it in green leafy vegetables, liver, leguas, eggs and dairy products.

If you cannot enter enough vitamin B2 from food, Reach for the supplement: the recommended daily dose is 400 mg.



Take a multivitamin supplement that also contains magnesium. This mineral helps to calm nerves, and they become extremely tense during attacks of migraines. Some studies have shown that migraine sufferers often have a magnesium deficiency in their organism.

You can increase the amount of magnesium in your body by entering foods such as broccoli, spinach, soy and the like.


Coenzyme Q10

A study published many years ago in the expert journal Neurology showed that Coenzyme Q10 is superior in preventing migraine attacks rather than placebo, and two more studies subsequently demonstrated that Q10 actually reduces the frequency and intensity of migraines. The recommended dose for this purpose is 100 mg 3 times a day.


Flax seeds

Flax seeds are a popular home remedy for Migraen. Considering that most headaches are the result of inflammation, a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce or completely remove pain in the head.

Linen seeds are excellently matched with almost every meal, salty or sweet, so it will not be a problem to include them in the daily menu.


Mother’s neck (lat. Tanacetum parthenium)

This herb, which is also called a blush flower and is from the same family as a daisy or sunflower, is known as a natural prevention against migraines. After taking the maternal neck, the seizures of migraines have been shown to become less frequent or even disappear altogether.


Rapid-Acting Potion

This powerful potion with kale and pineapple has been proven to relieve headaches, and if you continue to drink it daily, it prevents this problem in the future. The enzyme bromelain from pineapple is a powerful natural analgesic, cucumber helps in body rehydration (dehydration is one of the main causes of headache), celery Naturopati recommend against headaches due to the flavonoid luteoline that contains, and which has anti-inflammatory Effects on brain cells.

Kale has been proven to treat migraines, and the lemon in this beverage helps to maintain an appropriate balance of acidity and alkality, which is crucial for the prevention and treatment of migraines. Ginger has been used for centuries against headaches due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.


Ingredients for the medicinal beverage: 1/2 pineapple, 3-4 leaves of kale, 1 pruritic celery, 1/2 cucumber, 1/4 lemon and about 1 and 1/2 root ginger.


Make several changes

If you want to prevent recurrent bouts of headaches, try to make some changes in your lifestyle. According to research, the headache frequency and intensity can be reduced by doing exercise three times a week. Avoid alcohol because even a small amount like one cup can be a trigger for a fit, drink as much water as dehydration is one of the triggers for headaches and reduce stress with some of the relaxation techniques (meditation, yoga, autogenic training, gardening or Any other relaxing activity).

Please note that studies have shown that behavioral therapies such as biofeedback have demonstrated greater efficacy in relieving pain in headaches and decreasing their frequency than anti-headache medicines, and effectiveness in treating migraines and Other types of headaches have also shown techniques such as acupuncture or acupressure.

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