How to cope up with stress?

How to cope with test stress – before and during exams

If you feel nervous before and/or during your exams, know that you’re not the only one. Most students feel a certain amount of stress before exams and/or during its duration and it is quite normal, moreover, this low dose of stress will take you towards achieving the goal – well-handled knowledge checker and high grade. However, excessive nerving can result in your results being below your capabilities.


How to recognize test stress (without doing a proper check-up)?

Some of the symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Moist palms
  • Feeling hot
  • Fast, shallow breathing
  • Lack of concentration
  • Blocking thinking
  • Thoughts pass too quickly to write them down
  • You can’t remember anything.

What to do?

Relax. Take control of your body. Start controlling your breathing. Take a deep breath, keep it and breathe slowly. Do it again a few times.

Repeat this: “I can face this challenge. I was preparing for this test, it’s not true that I don’t know anything. “

Do not try to solve all tasks at once. take it easy. One by one – don’t worry about the next while you’re solving this. Worrying isn’t going to help you right now.

At the very least, think, “This is not the worst thing that can happen to me.”

You can’t completely remove stress, BUT you can control it.


What causes stress?

There’s too much activity to be done, and there’s less time for them.

First and foremost, rule of avoiding stress – stop delaying your activities. If there’s anything you can do, do it now. By delaying the activity, the job won’t go away, you’ll only have less time to do it.

One of the best ways to cope with stress is to plan ahead. In order to make the most of the stress described above, we offer you a few tips.


Read the tips given below and try to follow them!

Learning and Repetition: make your learning and repetition schedules and adhere to it. It’ll help you gain a sense of control over your work.

Learn all subjects: don’t avoid learning objects or content in an object because you don’t like them or seem tough. Since you’re still going to have the knowledge check from those subjects, it’s important that you include them all in your studies.

Check the timetable: It is your responsibility to know when and in which classroom you are attending. Come to class on time and have the requisites. Make sure you know the terms of your written attendances in time (you can also see them on the bulletin board next to the library).

Organize yourself: Make sure that your school bag and everything else you need to check your knowledge will be ready the night before school.

Go to sleep in time: the evening before the knowledge check do not stay awake/awake long and learn – it is important that you are rested/rested the next day. Go to sleep at a reasonable time and don’t forget to include the alarm clock.

Think positively: Create a positive atmosphere by imagining that the knowledge check will go well. Imagine how confident and relaxed you feel when writing. Try to imagine it as detailed as possible.

Relax: Make sure you have enough free time before you check your attendance. Constant care won’t help you prepare better. It’s a good thing you can afford a time to relax.

Breakfast: Even if you’re not in the mood to eat before you check your knowledge, try to eat something for breakfast because your brain needs energy to work.

Try to stay calm: If you start feeling nervous, just take a deep breath.

Don’t panic: Tell yourself: “I CAN write this exam well!”


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