How to lose 10 kg weight?

Weight loss is still the taboo theme of today. While one advocates a fast child in which in just 10 days you can download 10 kilograms, others advocate magic pills, which have the same effect, while you sit in front of the TV and watch the series.

The so-called “fast Child” can make you lose 10 kilograms of excess, but those lost kilograms will return at the same rate you took them off, given that in 10 days a fast child can only lose water, not fatty tissue.

As for the magic pills, let’s call them so sarcastically, they won’t work and lose weight for you, but if we’re talking about dietary supplements, they can greatly encourage your organism to lose fat, and keep it healthy.

Forget about the rapid weight loss because in this case you will only lose water, the kilograms will return quickly, and you will be dissatisfied. So, let’s turn off, now and in the future, a fast child with the help of which you take 10 kilos in 10 days and focus on healthy weight loss.


In what time period can I lose 10 kg?

Weight loss varies from person to person and in fact depends mainly on metabolism, and of course also on embedded effort. If the metabolism is fast, the kilogram will naturally be removed faster, and if it is slow, some additives will be needed to accelerate it.


Here you can read how to accelerate the metabolism.

Never starve yourself to quickly remove the excess weight, rather turn to a healthy diet and exercise. A healthy diet and exercise will of course have a slower effect from starvation, but later these kilograms will not return so soon.

“All those who want to lose weight should exercise regularly and carry out a calorie restriction to increase the chances of losing unwanted weights,” the scientists of the British and US institutes, who conducted a comprehensive study on how to Exercise affects losing weight.

The research was triggered by the fact that in the United States 66.3% of adults were obese or overweight. Many people want to lose weight quickly, but without the effort, which is simply impossible.

Some reasonable period of removal of 10 kilos would be approximately 2 to 3 months.


Do I have to run all the time to reduce 10 kilos?

Another flaw in weight loss is only cardio training. He is actually very good for weight loss, but if you only run, you will lose with fat tissue and muscles, which is not recommended. This will result in a limp body, so in that case none of the strained buttocks and strong abdomen.

You’d rather combine cardio training with power training. You don’t have to fear it, they will help you tighten your muscles and shape the body, and if you work with less weight, you will not be “be used”.

Likewise, when you do cardio training, do not limit yourself to the treadmill, but in your routine, you include cycling, swimming or rowing.

Be patient and remove the weight in proper and healthy manner. With the quick diets it will happen that the weight will lose, the weight returns even faster, and then you will be very dissatisfied and just grow more and more fat.

A few months of loss of up to 10 kg is not much, and the long-term will be much more satisfying to your body and success.

Dietary Supplements for weight loss

In healthy weight loss, you can greatly help with natural dietary supplements that stimulate metabolism and increase thermogenesis, or melt fat deposits.

Some of the guidelines for healthy nutrition for weight loss that the Healthline cites are:

  • Eat a high-protein breakfast,
  • Reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids, fast food nutrition and processed cured meat products,
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid sweetened juices,
  • Eat foods with lots of fiber such as fruits and vegetables,
  • Sleep regularly and sufficiently,
  • Eat small meals at least five times a day,
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco,
  • Replace wheat bread with integral, and the same applies to pasta,
  • Use vegetable oils such as olive, linen or pumpkin for food preparation.

In addition, it is important that you enter a lot of vitamins and minerals into your body, especially if you are training regularly. If you believe that you do not enter them enough, you can buy a multivitamin in a pharmacy in the form of dietary supplements.

The most common dietary supplements used in weight loss are:

  • Green tea
  • Caffeine
  • Capsaicin
  • Laxatives
  • Diuretics
  • L – Carnitine,
  • Glucomannan

Before every major diet change, be sure to consult a doctor, especially if you are a chronic patient. You will get the best individual advice from a doctor or a professional nutritionist who will, according to your needs, create a healthy weight loss plan and program.

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